In the kitchen of Consolation we feel real passion for our environment. The Matarrana Mastership love us and fascinates us. That's why we source all this land offers. Rafales organic vegetables, lamb with DO "Lamb from Aragon" Torrecilla de Alcaniz, truffle Monroyo, DOTeruel Ham, cheese Shepherd Penyarroya of Tastavins ... The list is endless! With all this we developed our proposal, with respect to the product and humility, and in close collaboration with all our suppliers. We hope to convey our passion dishes that we all put into this project.



Country egg cooked at low temperature, with asparagus and mushroom cream14€
Red pepper (“piquillo”) salad, with boiled egg and Aragon’s onion10€
False scallops with glazed endive, ham of Teruel D.O and topinambour13€
Foie with boletus mushrooms and gingerbread15€
Browned salmon and quinoa and pickles20€

Main dishes

Cod fillet with cauliflower, spinach and toasted almonds24€
Spiced country chicken with beets and yogurt20€
Duck rice with season mushrooms and capers19€
Lamb DO with quince stew and topinambour22€
Beef steak with ”piquillo” red peppers, potatoes and salad greens45€ / 2 people (approx. 1Kg)


Passion fruit ingot, with fruit salad and iced lemon verbena7€
Creamy orange with pumpkin comfit and mint7€
Coconut mousse with mango and curry7€
Coconut mouse with mango and curry7€
Cheese from the region (different types) with quince12€

Browned salmon with citric quinoa and pickles
Micuit foie with yogurt, gingerbread and pineaple chutney
Cod fillet with cauliflower, spinach and toasted almonds
Duck breast with spicy carrots textures
Passion fruit ingot, with fruit salad and iced lemon verbena
Chocolate mousse, yogurt and nuts
(fully booked tables only)


Chips from local store:
Citric-spicy sauce4€
Honey and truffle5€
Local herbs4€
Happy potatoes from Consolación6€
Chicken croquette (1 u.)2€
Hummus with carrot and cheese from the region5€



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Monroyo / Mont-roig.
Matarraña, Teruel. Spain.

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