Although we think that the best thing we can do in our hotel is to relax and enjoy it, fleeing from everyday stress, we offer interesting activities to do in it or in the area. Massages, wine tastings, picnics or visits to an oil mill …


One of the oldest crops in the Matarranya is the olive and in parallel the artisanal industry of olive oil production. This has developed a rich oil culture that has survived to the present day. In this proposal you can get to know the lesser known elements of harvesting and production, visit old canalization elements, a state-of-the-art mill and a traditional one, an olive tree of almost 2,000 years, a farm that produces organic oil, tastings, etc.

The options are diverse and the duration of the route will depend on what you want to visit, whether in whole or in part. Virtually all visits will be attended by the producers themselves.

Aceite de la Matarranya

Wine tasting

Taste an organic wine of a small production accompanied by an organic oil where you can dip bread, try different types of olives … next to your own vineyards, almond and olive trees..


Sustainability, ecology, balance, proximity, authenticity … are some of the concepts that people sensitive to nature, the environment, agriculture and consumption want to see one day be not the exceptional but what is usual.

The options of this route are diverse: to visit an oil mill, a natural cosmetics workshop, a farm, an orchard, a food workshop, a small winery … all this ecological and from the hand of the farmers or producers themselves, which will show their facilities and /or crops. During all visits and activities, the products can be purchased directly from the producer.

ecologia en la Matarranya

Cycling / hiking

In the region you can enjoy a myriad of different routes by bike or on foot: mountain bike, greenway, road, trails, horseshoe paths, etc. The routes run through places and places of landscape interest. In this service, if desired, participants are moved to a starting point and picked up at the end point

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When traveling to any rural destination, who wouldn’t like to access local produce directly, buying them and asking the producer or farmer? ? In the Matarranya region you can buy many types of products of exceptional quality. The list is extensive: oil, wine, vinegar, olive pâté, honey, almonds, fruit, olives, meats, jams, truffles, nougat, nuts, vermouth, eggs, fruit in syrup, ¡sauces … even cosmetics!
The route will be organized according to the desired products. Depending on the type of product it will be seasonal and will not be permanently available.

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Villages & Towns

One of the main assets of the Matarranya heritage is its villages. Whether because of the isolation or because progress took to reach the county this “village essence” has remained almost intact to this day, with stone buildings, winding streets, where it still comes out to “take the fresh”and breathes the lifelong rurality. Although Matarranya has two villages integrated in the Association “The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain” all the villages in the region have something unique and deserve to be visited.
This route is made up of four villages that can be visited in half a day without a guided tour.

Harvest: Grapes, olives and almonds

In the traditional way and in ecological cultivation, it will participate next to the agriculturist in the preparations and harvesting of the grape, olive and/or almond. Breakfast in the countryside among the crops, and if desired, extend the day for lunch will be an experience of those that will be remembered for a lifetime.

  • Almond harvest: September – October.
  • Olive harvest: November – December.
  • Grape harvest: September – October (only one specific day).

This activity is subject to the temporality of each product and availability of the farmer

almendro matarranya
almuerzo campero

Peasant breakfast

A family lunch or breakfast, a business meeting or friends, a birthday … on a farm, tasting products from the farm or the area.


For fans to pick wild mushrooms. Along with a specialized guide, participants will enjoy a spectacular scenery and will be accompanied to precise places to enjoy the collection of this precious asset. Maximum 6 people, but in favorable conditions could be extended to 8.

This activity is subject to weather and weather conditions.

Wellness in Consolation.


Full massage

Massage of the whole body to relax and relieve all muscle chains, relax the nervous system and promote the circulatory and lymphatic system

Super-relaxing massage

Applied on head, face, neck, hands and feet. A feeling of deep relaxation. High quality products are used in all massages. BIO olive oil macerated in medicinal plants of the area according to season.da.

Foot reflexology

Massage and stimulation of reflex points in the feet to work the whole body, helping it to balance its functions, eliminating toxins and relieving stress.